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It's quite amazing the imagination you have. I can really hear it in your songs. The only thing that disrupted the feel of the song was the kicks that start around 1:20. They seem... to loud or just not the right type of kick for the song. Thats the only thing bad about the song. It would be somewhat better also if the mp3s where a bit higher in quality.
Other then that keep your songs coming! Your doing great, especially in this type of style/genre

AphoticAthanasy responds:

Thanks, I am glad you enjoyed my song somewhat ^-^ . Will be uploading some later, my life is going downhill everyday, =P . So, I have to rest . Until then, ~Cheers

Excellent !

This is the kind of music I love listening to. Great track! Truly creates the atmosphere of space.

I hope to hear more from you. ;)


Again, I don't have any words to really say. It's just perfect, even though short I would like to hear it a bit longer. This is a very peaceful piece of work. I'll have to download this one also.

Who knows I might fall asleep with it playing. :)

AphoticAthanasy responds:

Thankyou . ^_^ Glad you liked it . I have to perform a test of mine.. So that means another piano song will be submitted tonight .. How long .. Only you can imagine <3
- Aphotic Athanasy -

I like this

I really like this track. I can't really explain what I feel but you sure made it perfect. I'm actually going to download this. I rarely ever download audio from newgrounds.

It's a nice song to relax too.

Thanks for creating this.

AphoticAthanasy responds:

NO WAY . Everyone likes this type of music !?! Oh shit .. I have a new composition reflection to build .. This is MY favorite music .. It's what I call anti - matter . The music that will send your astral selves to the world of nothing, exploring such a minute world .. Thankyou for the review .. I will keep these 10's in mind .. <3
- Aphotic Athanasy -

Interesting Style of Music

I don't think I've ever heard this type of music before. It's quite unique. To me this song resembles the human brain. At first it seems like the person would be confused by something. Or the brain is working in overdrive then it starts to relax itself. It seems like it can reflect a persons lifestyle also.

All in all, I like your style very much. I'll be coming back for some more songs soon.

AphoticAthanasy responds:

Thanks man . Glad that you appreciate the essence of complexity . I will be making many of this music, sooner or later people should soon realize this isn't just crap mixed together .. These transitions are full of soul, and emotion . ^_^
- Aphotic Athanasy -


Like Rezie said. It sounds like an aftermath of a great battle.

Great track man. Keep it up!

MarkySpark responds:

Thanks dude

Good for a first.

It was alright. Some notes didn't match that well at all. It sounds like they are off beat. Same with some of the strings, around the 1:25 mark you can hear what I mean. I also thought it was going to progress a lot but it really didn't. All it needs is some time and I'm sure you can make this into a great song.

roensb responds:

ya i was kind of doing the strings by just listening to the piano part so they dont match quite right all of the time but thanks


Pretty good. I would add more layers and turn the volume down on the bells or whatever you call them. Maybe add some reverb to them. Lots of reverb is the key to making Ambiance.

Thats dope

Awesome. I like this. Its funny in a way also. haha.

MaestroRage responds:

Heehee, thanks! You'll never find another aspiring opera being caught dead singing the Tetris theme. >=( Consider yourself lucky! Thanks for listening!

With love,
Mandi <3


I love the song and your idea. It sounds to me like you have some talent of thinking up songs and writing them. Keep them coming!

japetheape responds:

Thanks for the review, I don't know how I got that idea in my head from the reason up there I usually never got inspiration from this but w.e lol. I'll be sure to keep on making them If people keep enjoying them :D.

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